Established in 1973, the LSU’s Spirit of Charity Emergency Medicine Residency Program in New Orleans is one of the oldest and most storied of Emergency Medicine Training Programs in the country.

Historically, the Charity Hospital Emergency Department was one of the busiest in the country. The challenge of Hurricane Katrina brought unprecedented change. Our unique training and adaptability as emergency medical specialists have allowed us to work, teach, continue research projects and even expand through many challenges. In addition to world-class emergency medicine training we offer fellowships in hyperbarics, ultrasound, and international EM. We have robust, combined programs in EM-IM as well as one of the only four EM-Peds programs in the country.

Our primary site is University Medical Center of New Orleans, where over 90,000 patients are treated in the ED annually. The spirit of Charity Hospital is not found in a particular building, but in the hearts of the physicians and patients of New Orleans.


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