LSU PA Student Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Medicine Clerkship is designed to introduce the student to healthcare in the Emergency Medicine Practice setting. The student will be given the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to: understand and manage patient problems in an emergency care setting; understand the broad base of knowledge required for the emergency care setting; apply this knowledge to benefit the physician and patient in the emergency care setting; apply previously acquired knowledge in the management of patients; apply principles of evidence-based medicine; apply data gathering techniques on unusual patient conditions for the purpose of publication; and participate in designing and/or collecting data in clinical trials.

This rotation provides a foundation in evaluation of the undifferentiated medically ill and injured patient. The PA students will work in the UMC ED along side of the medical students and interns under the guidance of senior level EM residents and Faculty Physicians. Students will  have the chance to hone the skills of physical exam, patient presentations, development of differential diagnoses, documentation, and emergency ultrasound, as well as participate in a variety of emergency procedures.

(4-week rotation)