Clinical experience in the emergency department is an important component of medical education. Regardless of your chosen specialty and during nearly every phase of your training and your career, you will interact regularly with emergency medicine providers and treat patients whose care begins in the ED. Our student rotations provided varying levels of exposure to emergency medicine. The benefit you gain during these rotations is largely dependent on your level of interest, dedication, and hard work. But, it is our hope that every student who rotates through our emergency department leaves with the basic tools to engage effectively with providers and understand patient experiences in the emergency department. Scroll down for more information regarding our rotations and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Visiting Clerkship in Emergency Medicine Under-Represented Minority Scholarship

As a joint venture between the Division of Diversity and Division of Community Health in the LSU Section of Emergency Medicine, we are pleased to sponsor a fourth year senior medical student who plans a career in EM and wishes to experience a rotation in our department. Students must self-identify as an under-represented minority (URM) and display genuine interest in exploring issues of social determinants of health, population medicine, access to care, and social justice.

URM EM scholarship application –  Applications are currently being accepted for the following fall 2018 block dates:

Block 1  July 2 – July 27

Block 2 July 30 – August 24

Block 3 August 27 – September 21

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is March 15, 2018.  Please note: VSAS for LSU is scheduled to open March 1; scholarship applicants should also apply for the rotation via VSAS by March 15.

Critical Concepts Rotation:

Care of the acutely ill, undifferentiated patient is a challenge encountered by healthcare professionals in a wide variety of specialties. The Critical Concepts Rotation provides every senior medical student, regardless of career choice, with a broad and solid foundation in the principles and skills needed to care for the emergently ill patient.

After completion of core clinical rotations in the junior year, medical students should be challenged to expand their skills and knowledge base and apply them to more complicated and/or critically ill patient care situations. Students should also refine and expand their skill set in terms of commonly performed and/or critical procedures and medical interventions. Furthermore, as they prepare to enter residency, senior students should also develop a more sophisticated understanding of the complexity of disease and health system management.

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Core EM Rotation:

Tulane Emergency Medicine Clerkship 

Welcome to Interim LSU Hospital and New Orleans Emergency Medicine! We are pleased that you have chosen to rotate with us. Historically, this has been one of the most popular EM rotations in the country, and we will continue to work hard at providing you with an excellent educational experience. Please read the following information carefully and do not hesitate to contact us at any time with suggestions or questions.

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Advanced Emergency Medicine Clerkship

Emergency Medicine is a broad discipline that encompasses many aspects of all other medical specialties.  In a brief clerkship, it would be impossible to learn all there is to know about EM – this requires a lifetime of study.  However, there are several core concepts in EM that can be easily understood, studied, and practiced while on a rotation.

The Advanced EM Elective is designed for local and visiting senior students who have decided on a career in EM and wish to obtain more in-depth knowledge of the field.  On this rotation, students participate in clinical ED shifts in a variety of patient care areas, as well as dedicated shifts in Toxicology, Ultrasound, and Hyperbaric Medicine.  Faculty lectures, hands-on skills, and simulation labs provide students with the ability to increase their knowledge base and procedural acumen.

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