charity-grill“Since 1973, the LSU Emergency Medicine Residency Program has made it its mission to care for every person, every time – no matter the place, circumstance, or ailment.
LSU EM has been a staple in the New Orleans community for decades, training generations of Emergency Physicians in medicine, patient advocacy, and community relations with a strong emphasis on providing care for the city’s most vulnerable populations. Standing on the shoulders of giants in the field of Emergency Medicine and its various sub-specialties, we residents learn to provide the very best in cutting-edge and evidence-based emergency care to a population that is deserving of nothing less. There is an old sentiment among many New Orleanians: “Run, walk or crawl; if I’m sick, I’m going to get to Charity’s ER!” While the name and physical location have changed multiple times throughout the years and our newest address is filled with bright lights that can be seen from miles away, the Spirit of Charity runs deep and hasn’t wavered. Much like the faculty and residents of years past who brought superb emergency care to the citizens of New Orleans despite low-resource conditions, various mass casualty incidents, and both natural and man-made disasters, we continue to forge ahead in our current healthcare environment and look forward to many more years of excellence in emergency patient care, education, and research.”
Josh Sherman, M.D. Chief Resident, Class of 2017

EM Class of 2021

Braxton2Katherine Braxton

University of South Carolina

Desired Superpower? Time travel

Hobbies? Golf, tennis, and hiking

Most interesting job? Working at the PGA Championship

busackBethany Busack

Why NOLA? – , I loved the people and got all the warm fuzzies, also the emphasis the program places on public health and community involvement

Desired superpower? – breathing underwater

Hobbies – Travel and wildlife photography, yoga, anything in water or snow


cartmillChristopher Cartmill

Why NOLA? – Mardi Gras

Desired Superpower? Flying

Hobbies/interests? Golf, College Basketball


A EspineraAlyssa Espinera

Northwestern University

Why NOLA? Love the sunshine and the culture!

Favorite thing to do in NOLA? 25 cent oyster happy hour and touring magazine street

Desired superpower? Ability to be in multiple places at once

Hobbies? Yoga, painting, binge watching TV

Mary Kat KeithMary Keith

Why NOLA? – I fell in love with the people that I met during my time in NOLA as well as the city itself. Mardi Gras, the culture and the food were definitely a large bonus as well!

Desired superpower? – teleportation

Hobbies – the practice of mixology, participating in triathlons and obstacle course races

Most interesting job you’ve had?- working at Build-A-Bear-like store building stuffed animals for little kids.

sara-mammanSara Mamman

University of Wisconsin

Hobbies – Rock Climbing

Most interesting job you’ve had?- fake blackjack dealer

Trauma Bay theme song – Holding out for a Hero – Bonnie Tyler


Peter MartinPeter Martin

Why NOLA? – Fun residents and a big change from my Midwestern home

Desired superpower? – Flying

Hobbies? – Soccer, traveling

Most interesting job? – Spanish-English interpreter in Ayacucho, Peru for health campaigns coming from the United States.

Justin OkonsJustin Okons

Why NOLA? – The combination of festivals, food, culture and love for the Saints made NOLA an easy decision.

Desired superpower? – Time Travel

Most interesting job you’ve had? – Sales rep at Babies R’ Us

Martin PlaucheMartin Plauche

Why NOLA? – I’m biased because it’s my hometown, but there’s nowhere else

like it for food, culture, and fun.

Desired superpower? – Air bending from the Avatar cartoon.

Hobbies – Fishing, ultimate frisbee, hiking, reading, kayaking, beer.


Mark Saigh 2Mark Saigh

Jefferson Medical School

Why NOLA? The culture and the music.

Hobbies – Alpine skiing, hiking, and playing guitar.



Nick SalernoNicholas Salerno

Why NOLA? – It’s the whole package! I love the program, the people, the leadership, the camaraderie, the patients, the culture, and the food!

Desired superpower? – The ability to fly

Most interesting job you’ve had? – Santa

J ThompsonJohn Thompson

Why NOLA? – a unique city with plenty of things to do, places to explore, and interesting people to meet

Desired superpower? – Teleportation, so I could travel the world on my days off

Most interesting job you’ve had? – drove a snow plow in Chicago

Brianna WapplesBrianna Wapples

Desired superpower? – Teleportation I would love to be in NOLA one day and Tokyo the next, and never sit in traffic again.

Hobbies/interests? Backpacking, Foodie



EM Class of 2020

Allan Augillardallan-augillard

University of Rochester

Food in NOLA – Neyow’s Creole Cafe

Hobbies – Building and designing race cars

Coleman_Ashley1Ashley Coleman

Why NOLA? One of the most exciting, unique, and culturally diverse cities in the world

Desired superpower? Lightning speed

Most interesting job? an armadillo lab research assistant


D BradfordDe’Shauris Bradford

Chicago Medical School

Why NOLA? Best Trauma Center in the South!

Desired superpower? Transform into an Autobot

Trauma Bay Theme Song? “Welcome to the Jungle” Guns n Roses


chris-hudsonChristopher Hudson

University of Rochester

Music in NOLA -Tipitina’s

Trauma Bay theme song – Mega Man by Li’l Wayne

Most interesting job – Camp manager is post-earthquake Haiti


manjot-jassalManjot Jassal

Howard University

Hobbies – Work out then go out, meditate, open mics, speak languages besides English

Most interesting job you’ve had? Uber driver



andrew-johnstoneAndrew Johnstone

Mt. Sinai SOM

When in NOLA – Head down Magazine Street

Trauma Bay theme song – “Get Out Da Way” by Ludacris


cj-kwanCJ Kwan

Florida Int’l University

Hobbies – Anything outdoors, playing music, having random adventures


Most interesting job – Street performer while backpacking.

kevin-landefeldKevin Landefeld

Tulane University

Food in NOLA? – Cochon!

Desired superpower? – Fluent in every language

Hobbies – camping, kayaking, backpacking

Milani_Elise306Elise Milani

Louisiana State University

Food in NOLA? – St. Roch’s Market

Desired superpower? -Flying, obviously


luis-montoyaLuis Montoya

Boston University

Food in NOLA? – Blind Pelican 25 cent oysters

Trauma Bay theme song? – “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins


mark-oquistMark Oquist

Michigan State University

Food in NOLA? Cochon, Jacques-Imo’s, Parasol’s

Music in NOLA? Anywhere on Frenchman!


jennifer-oswaldJennifer Oswald

Tulane University

Food in NOLA? Toups’ Meatery

Trauma Bay theme song – “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar

Most interesting job? – Yoga teacher


Lana Phan

SUNY Upstate

Most interesting job? – Video store clerk



jimmy-roseJames Rose

University of Arkansas

Favorite Chief Complaint? – Dry hands for the last 30 years…at 3 am.



EM Class of 2019

brennan-bollmanBrennan Bollman

Harvard University

Music in NOLA? – The guy who plays saxophone wearing only a loincloth outside my house every weekend

Why NOLA? The spirit & story of Charity

Hobbies – running, tango dancing, photography, crossfit, krav maga

t clarkTaryn Clark

Cornell University

Known superpower? Being mistaken for a nursing student constantly

Favorite Chief Complaint? Does Not Like Chicken Nuggets

Trauma Bay theme song – “Welcome to My House” by Flo Rida

mary-difrancoMary DiFranco

Louisiana State University

Hobbies? Looking like Sarah Giffin



ForetLee Foret

Louisiana State University

Food in NOLA? – Mandina’s, Dookey Chase’s, Commanders for lunch, Mr. Johns

Trauma Bay theme song – Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWF theme


lewis-hunt-irvingLewis Hunt-Irving

Louisiana State University

Hobbies? Crossfit, talking about crossfit, and posting on social media about crossfit



ryan-jupiterRyan Jupiter

Tulane University

Hobbies/Interest? My son, the Saints



michael-petrauskisMichael Petrauskis

Tulane University

Food in NOLA? Willa Jean for brunch, Company Burger for lunch, Peche for dinner

When in NOLA…WWII Museum, Mardi Gras World, Frenchman Street for music

Trauma Bay theme song – “Touch of Grey” by Grateful Dead

jude-registreJude Regis

University of Illinois – Chicago

Desired superpower? Flying

Most Interesting Job? Secretary of Health when I was 11


bo-stubblefieldBo Stubblefield

Indiana University

Music in NOLA? – Tipitina’s!

When in NOLA…”Do everything outside of the quarter. We live in one of the greatest cities in the World. London. Paris. Tokyo. New Orleans…Et Toi!”

julia-terleJulia Terle

Tulane University

Music in NOLA? – Spotted Cat–hurray for the riff-raff and Meschiya Lake

Hobbies? – Urban farming,chicken raising

Most interesting job? – Zookeeper! Fed skittles to bears to make them do tricks!

EM Class of 2018

colin-devlinColin Devlin (chief resident)

Tulane University

Favorite thing to do in NOLA? Kayak or Harrah’s

Most Interesting Job? Ski Bum in Aspen


eganBridgette Egan

Louisiana State University

Favorite thing to do in NOLA? Sunrise on the riverfront

Desired superpower? Time management

Hobbies? Illustration, cacti, and DIY Publishing

Most interesting job? Biodiesel mechanic

lauren-harrellLauren Harrell (chief resident)

University of Colorado

Food in NOLA? Tough choice, but I love the fried chicken at Coquette

Music in NOLA? Bacchanal


NMS_2081Ike Iacono (chief resident)

Case Western University

Room 4 song? “My Body is a Cage” Arcade Fire

Hobbies? Rowing on Bayou St. John, hanging with the neighbors

Most interesting job? – Definitely emergency physician–nothing comes close!


anoop-karAnoop Kar

Tulane University

Food in NOLA? – Paladar 511




josh-limJoshua Lim

University of Alabama-Birmingham

Food in NOLA? – Ruby Slipper

Hobbies? – Shooting sports. Driving fast.

Favorite chief complaint? – Nail in penis.

aisha-parkerAisha Parker


Desired superpower? – Immortality

Interests -Boston terriers (mine mostly), spicy foods, Lonely Planet


sonia-replanskySonia Replansky

SUNY Upstate

Food in NOLA? – blue crab restaurant for seafood with an amazing sunset


Most interesting job? – Wei mei girl at a Chinese restaurant

Thomas Seibert (chief resident)

University of Colorado

When in NOLA…Go on the historical ghost tour

Favorite chief complaint? End-stage fibromyalgia

Hobbies – Outdoors, Skiing, Beers, Wilderness Medicine

charles-zhangCharles Zhnag

Tulane University

Food in NOLA? -Milk Bar

Music in NOLA? Street bands on Frenchman

Desired superpower? – Clearly to be a Jedi

EM/IM Class of 2022

hickey2Cheryl Hickey

Louisiana State University


Hobbies? SUPing, Biking, yoga, grilling…anything outdoors

Most Interesting Job? Ice Diver in Antartica

HalpinNatalie Halapin

Louisiana State University

Why NOLA? Wide variety of pathology, phenomenal training and food

Favorite thing to do in NOLA? Run with friends…then happy hour



EM/IM Class of 2021

perry-mitchellPerry Mitchell

Louisiana State University

Hobbies? Poetry, Cooking, Working on Classic Cars.


EM/IM Class of 2020


WernerStephen Werner

Ohio University Heritage COM

Why NOLA? The EM/IM program

Hobbies? Climbing, hiking, running

Trauma Bay theme song? “Killin the Vibe” by Ducktails


sarah-griffinSarah Griffin

SUNY Downstate

Hobbies? Looking like Mary Ann Difranco


EM/IM Class of 2019

simon-shamassSimon Shamass

SUNY Downstate

Food in NOLA? -Castnet Seafood.

Favorite chief complaint? Any laceration. I love doing lac repairs. Never gets old.

Interests in medicine? Diversity in medical education, prisoner care, global health

tonthatVinh Tonthat

Florida Int’l University

Food in NOLA? Pho Noi Viet for quick and close pho

Music in NOLA? Cat’s Meow to hear people clown around and karaoke

When in NOLA…Frolic on Freret Street

EM/IM Class of 2018

lauren-nunezLauren Nunez

Louisiana State University

Food in NOLA? Three-way tie between Adolfo’s, Irene’s Cuisine, and Lola’s

Music in NOLA? Bacchanal. Such a laid back atmosphere that’s great for hanging out with friends over good food and wine

laura-roanLaura Roan

Louisiana State University

Food in NOLA? Central City BBQ, Parkway PoBoys

Hobbies? Competitive English-style horseback riding


EM/PED Class of 2022

5881_42811.6648644676_MdThumbMeredith Tremblay

TsengphotoTseng-Che “Mike” Tseng

St George’s University

Favorite thing to do in NOLA? Eating! Crawfish, crabs, oysters

Desired superpower? Definitely teleportation

Most interesting job? Being a counselor for students in a foreign exchange program

EM/PED Class of 2020

SausenNicholas Sausen

University of Minnesota

Food in NOLA? 1000 Figs and Blue Oak BBQ


When in NOLA…Getting out to see some alligators on a swamp tour

cullen-clarkCullen Clark

University of Louisville

Why NOLA? A wide variety of people and pathology

Food in NOLA? Slim Goodies, Dong Phuong, Part & Parcel

Hobbies? Playing the drums, cooking, training my Australian cattle dog


EM/PED Class of 2019

PogribnyAndrej Pogribny

Tulane University

Why NOLA? With such crazy schedules, it’s amazing that at any given hour you can go out, grab a drink, food or hang out

Desired superpower? Telekinesis


CaleonLui Caleon

Tulane University

•Why NOLA?  Proud New Orleanian, cannot imagine living anywhere else
•Things to do in NOLA: Dining out semi-professionally, checking out new snowball stands
•Trauma Bay Theme Song –  “Louie, Louie”
•Most Interesting Job – Either a Post-Katrina Primary Care MA or working for the Baltimore City Needle Exchange